We provide you with the best solutions, for employees of companies to transfer to the terminals of the beginning of your flight, in an easy, comfortable and economical way.

At the same time, you book the flight or the hotel, you can also book the parking service, no cash necesary, neither waste of time nor unnecesary transfers. The whole process is simple, 100% safe, automatic and with the Icarous guarantee.

You can chose among the variety of solutions available in the market, the most suitable for your company`s needs.
Our commitment to “grandes grupos del viaje” (touroperator), makes us offer a service with full guarantee.

Besides our supporting call center will be able to solve any problem or question you might have.

Available at every airpot, station and port in Spain.

Advantages of Icarous business

Customized tools, with all the services you need for companies, the whole offer or one custom selection of solutions

Tool for controling expenses detail

Only monthly receipt, that you will be able to deduct taxes

Access through the control panel tool

Only one company account with multiple users

From 40% up to 70% discount on transfer expenses to the airport or station

We work ¿Trabajamos a cuenta?We charge you after work,therefore not the company nor the employees will have to   pay in advance

No tickets, no receipts, just show the passbook on your phone

No cancellation fees, and you can modify your reservation automatically


You do not need to pay in advance

Automatic confirmation

No cancellation fees

And many more, trust us:


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