Where the trips start

The Spanish airports, ports and stations moved 250 million travellers in 2015, a record number, that is broken every year. You have wondered, how do they go to the departure terminal? Or how do they return? And..how much is the transfer?
These transfers are not included in the usual rutines of the trip, agencies, airlines, otas, etc , nobody had worried about this matter. With the arrival of low cost airlines, the travelers realized that, in many ocassions, the transfers between your house to the airport were more expensive than a flight (Madrid-Paris), and with all of that, we realized that we had something here to be solved. Today, travelers are increasingly looking for short transfer solutions, besides touroperators need to offer supplementary services… Icarous conects these two worlds. The objective of Icarous is to incorporate this mobility services to the different commercial channels.
The same way that there are car rental, insurance, hotels browsers, we created a tool in 2012, a system that helps these traveler`s needs.

Icarous answers this question ,how are you planning to go? We offer you the best alternatives to tranfer to any airport, station, port in Spain, eliminating these administrative tasks and up to 40% off cost.


We all know the difficulties of transfering to the terminal, the inconvenience of luggage, the waste of money on taxis to the terminal,and the waste of time on queues and transfers. Users need to have a tool that facilitates the management of movement, offering alternatives and the best prices. Icarous was born to respond to that necesity, a tool where travel agencies, airlines, browsers, and companies can buy, reserve and pay for the parking service or transfer, the best one that adapts to the traveler.

Nowadays Icarous is used by the best Spanish companies, more than 8200 travel agencies, airlines, browsers, travel websites, with 9.5 out of 10 ( average validation ).

Among many more, these companies trust us: Viajes El Corte Inglés, Air Europa, Halcón Viajes, Nautalia, Rumbo, Destinia, Viajes Carrefour, Viajes Ecuador, Grupo Airmet, Grupo Europa, Eulen, The Phone House, Repsol, Correos, Grupo Pikolinos, Sanitas, Osborne, Red Eléctrica de España….