¨Marketer¨ B2B and B2B2C of parking services.

We integrate our tool in companies, travel agencies, inplants, outplants, Otas and airlines in order to offer our costumers our parking services network at the airports, stations and ports.

At the same time that you offer the long journey by plane, ship or train, with Icarous you can solve the short transfer.

Selection of parking services at airports, stations and ports.

We integrate the best selection of parking services, that through our platform, people can access the whole comercial network formed by more than 8200 members. A commercial channel that allows you to self-arrange its offers and exclusive promotions, depending on its capacities and temporality.

Through our contact center, we keep a constant treat with our suppliers, giving them monthly reservation reports, valuations and their pontential compare to the market demands.

Commitment Icarous.

All passengers have to transfer to airports, stations or ports, our commitment consits of offering the best solution of comfort and price.

We daily evaluate and control the quality of the services offered. Besides you can check every user`s valuations out, in real time in our system, establishing a ranking of the best services.

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